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Music Videos

Back in a simpler time, a band could release a short demo, catch the ear of a record executive, and be on their way to fame and fortune. Sadly, those days are gone. In today's music industry, you have to make it on your own before the higher ups will even notice you. That means recording your own albums, booking your own tours, and of course, releasing your own videos.

Once only the medium of the top artists, music videos have become one of the most important ways for a band to get noticed. It is much more common to watch a video of an unknown band online than it is to just listen to their song. Because of this, it is more important than ever to have a top quality music video to share with the world.

From elaborately staged music videos to multi-camera live recording to cutting edge Hollywood style CGI effects and animation, Kevin Hammer Multimedia Productions can provide you with a video your audience will want to share.


Superbug - Dark Side of the Moon from floyd fan on Vimeo.

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